Jitters, Josh, and Jubilation

As the Gonzaga Bulldogs were finished up the first half tonight in their NCAA tournament game against Akron I had the jitters. The game was close. Things were not running quite as smoothly as this Zags fan had wished for. Beads of sweat popped out of the forehead, deep breathing was taking over, and exhaustion was setting in. That was just what was happening to me watching the game! I had to regroup over half time so I could survive watching the second half. Suddenly everything began to fall together.

Josh Heytvelt scored 22 points, seven of those in a late run in the second half. Josh and the rest of the Bulldogs helped my blood pressure immensely by rallying to beat Akron 77-64 . Heytvelt also had eight rebounds. He stood out in my mind tonight as a player with a mission, but he was surrounded by a whole team that had a mission. They wanted to play another game is this tournament.

As the last second ticked away I was filled with jubilation. The Zags were victorious plus I got to recuperate from an intense couple of hours. I even pounded my chest like Micah Downs when he made a big shot in the second half. No wonder I was having trouble breathing when the final buzzer went off.


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