It's March Madness and the Zags Are Dancing!

When your favorite Inland Empire team is playing its opening game in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament tomorrow, it creates some big time March Madness where I live. I knew the Gonzaga Bulldogs had a place in the brackets. Fans just had to wait it out to see who, when, and where they would play. The team only had to travel to Portland for the first game. Relief. The game is after school tomorrow. Double relief.

Since Selection Sunday break time at school has been spent studying bracketology with my students. Heated debates have been held about the #1 seeds. It is tough on loyal middle school Zags fans when they have to pit local favorites with players they love to watch from other teams all over the country and predict winners. Last year they even studied the stats of teams in math class down the hall to help them determine the final winners.

Schedules around our parts had to adjusted so Bulldog fans could find themselves in front of the television set tomorrow at 4:30 when the Zags take on the Zips. I will be clapping for Micah, Matt, Austin, Jeremy and Josh. I will be waiting for Demetri, Ira, Steven, Will, and Andrew to enter the game. My loud cheering will send my dog Annie to her carrier and I will catch my breath during commercials. It is all part of March Madness in the Inland Empire. I just hope the Zags keep dancing.


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