A Hundred and Fifty Degree View of Sunday Weather

Just as the snow stopped falling today I noticed sunlight coming through the windows. I grabbed my camera and caught these shots as I turned a hundred and fifty degrees around the deck. One of the dogs was off the investigate also.
As I moved between the trees I caught the image of a rainbow over the lake. Now I don't know if I have ever taken a picture of snow and a rainbow in the same photo shoot.
Turning south the sunlight was just breaking out from the blue and white colors in the sky. This caused the diamond-like drops of water to shimmer on the trellis.
By turning just a bit this shot changed because the sun couldn't hit this part of the hill.
As I turned back I caught another shot of that amazing rainbow.
Inside Kit was resting on the piano, completely oblivious to everything! We find him just about everywhere!


  1. That rainbow is gorgeous. I don't think I have ever seen one with snow either. We had a thunderstorm last weekend and it ended up dumping rain/snow/hail. Wierd weather in the Inland Northwest.

  2. wowser on the rainbow!!!!
    (I need to have my glasses checked. At first I thought the cat was a wedding cake.)

  3. Sorry you're still having snow...but your pictures are beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen snow and a rainbow either!

  4. Looks like the very last gasp of winter at the lake to me! lovely and wonderful.

    i had a dream about your classroom this afternoon. have you ever discussed what you fill it with, besides eager students, here? i know you have many teachers who read your blog and it might be just so much trade talk, but i would really be interested and happy to read about it.

  5. Welcome Mermaids of the Lake...yes we are having weird weather in the Inland Northwest.
    Pamela... at first glance I can see where you got that. lol.
    Rondi... snow and a rainbow... it was magical.
    JBelle... Could it really be the last gasp? Do you remember my classroom in your dream? I like the idea of showing my classroom. I may need to do some straightening first!!! lol. I hope you survived the storm and power outages your way last night.

  6. Oh my I thought your cat was another photo of snow LOL I had to look real hard......


  7. Marmite... I think Kit could pose to be just about anything. Right now he is attempting to be a white platter on the counter, but he sees me glaring!


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