Gonzaga's Goodson Grabs the Spotlight: On to The Sweet Sixteen!

Freshman Demetri Goodson scored a layup with 0.9 seconds left to lift the Zags to a 83-81 victory over Western Kentucky. I love the photo moment above with senior guard Jeremy Pargo embracing freshman Goodson. Goodson's face says it all.... excuse me a moment... I just heard Coach Few say in the uncut interview that the only name the team knows him by is "Meach". The Bulldogs advance to the Sweet Sixteen and take on North Carolina in Memphis on Friday. After this nail biter I have given up on having nails until the tournament is over. Annie also sequestered herself to her dog carrier until I calmed down this evening. I better go let her know who won!

Above "Meach" is in a victory huddle with Austin Daye, Matt Bouldin, and others. He said after the game that the last time he tried the game winning shot was in fifth grade. He made that one also!


  1. Go Zags-thanks for quoting Rubenstein, he was one of my childhood idols.


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