First Garden Walk: Signs of Spring

I was finally able to do my first garden tour without wearing knee high boots! Even though I was snowed on while doing it, there were signs of spring all over the property.If you look very closely you will see daffodils poking through the ground above. I knew once the snow was gone something would be alive under there!

By the greenhouse door the ground cover is still green. The gravel after snowplowing can be removed later. The two chickens that didn't make it in before the snow fell seemed to have survived also.
We don't know what was under the deck , but the dogs managed to dig a big hole by the steps in search of something that gave off a powerful scent. I was just glad it wasn't a skunk. JEJ suspects Annie and Shelby were after a mouse. It is amazing how you miss that smell of dirt. These tulips have a bit of a head start. We forced them in the greenhouse and hope to see blooms soon. I saw a robin, the dogs tracked in mud, and JEJ started finishing the truck port. Signs of spring are all around! I better order some garden seeds!


  1. We must be a tad ahead of you in the spring stakes cos the mini daffs are in full bloom in me garden.... fickle weather here though, blowing a gail now yet it was bright and sunny this morning... and torrential rain this past week mingled with bitter cold and sunshine LOL


  2. I can almost smell that dirt! Life is good indeed. Thanks for taking me along as you poked around in your garden. Oh, and I saw my first (brave) Robin here on March 1st.
    Love the green-ness of your blog and almost swooned when I blew up the daffodil photo.
    Hope your week is wonderful.
    p.s. lemmeknow when you post your book meme . . .have you read Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blumm? I can't put it down in spite of its Holocaust nature;however, part of it takes part in Minnesota, so, you know. . .

  3. Marmite... we are having fickle weather. This morning it was 22 degrees and now the sun is shining!!
    Noni... I will let you know when I do the meme. I haven't hear of this book, but will add it to my list. I am beginning the Holocaust unit soon.

  4. There is something so hopeful about the first signs of spring. I'm glad you were able to walk in your garden without boots for a change.

  5. That's what I thought till I woke up to another snow storm!

  6. speaking of "smells"
    ... I was walking the other day and it started hailing.
    Then I smelled something.
    Then arrived a sudden flash of light followed quickly by thunder.
    I'd smelled it!!


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