First Crocus

Spring Flowers ~ Crocus

Crocus flowers daring tiny warriors
Fighting their way up through
The winter ice
Crocus darling early Spring harbingers
Promising days will soon
Be turning nice

Tiny Crocus flowers grow in close groups
Strength in numbers seeking
Where winter snows still may lie
Encircled encampment of floral troupes
“We march onward to spring”
They raise this brave battle cry

Bold strength contained in Crocus so small
Should winter challenge again
They simply refuse to die
Delicate blossoms possess such wherewithal
I cannot help but wonder then
Should not likewise you and I?

Mary Havra


  1. oh delightful! this is something to write home about, indeed!!

  2. I love crocuses, these photos are lovely

  3. I have miniature daffodils blooming.
    Did I mention that as the snow melted, my neighbor had yellow primrose blooming UNDER it.


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