Finally... Time To Spend in the Greenhouse

I was fortunate to get home earlier today. Spring break has begun and the first thing I did was grab my camera and tour around in the sunshine. The second thing I did was tour the greenhouse. It was such a delight to catch photo images with the sunlight streaming through the windows.
I was amazed to see petunias that were in a planter from the deck have rebloomed for spring!
This Martha Washington geranium has also rebloomed and reminded me why it was a favorite last summer.
It is hard not to yearn for sunnier days after photographing these beautiful plants.
I know now why Annie followed me into the greenhouse. She loves to eat on this ornamental grass when I give her chance. You can see between Annie and Shelby they have mowed it down!


  1. envious still of your greenhouse.
    There must be something in the grass that they need. Our cat ate the tips off some of ours last spring, too.

  2. I so need to buy a greenhouse....... just look at your beautiful plants..


  3. Your greenhouse plants are beautiful! I love the Martha Washington especially.


  4. La Tea Dah... the Martha Washington was a pleasant surprise. I love the color of the blooms. I am next going to try to propagate some of these beauties.
    Marmite... yes, but at least you have spring across the pond! lol.
    Pamela... yes Annie loves her grass whenever she can get it.


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