Almost Spring: Another Tree Down

Last summer we made a decision to rid ourselves of a number of trees around our property. We were concerned after a windstorm that some were in danger of hitting the house, many removed too much moisture from the soil, some provided too much shade, and all of them were messy! You can only mulch so many pine needles.

We left one big pine tree by our front porch. JEJ had cut branches from time to time, but it was in a spot that falling it could cause damage to other trees and plants. He really wanted that tree out of there. Last Sunday we discussed it again and decided we already had some winter damage. If the tree caused more damage the plants would have time to recover. I just asked him not to fall a tree by himself.
Today he called me at the end of the day at school wondering when I was coming home. He was ready to fall that tree and I said I would be right home. With his chainsaw in hand, my camera ready, and all cats and dogs contained in the house and garage away we went.It was a perfect fall. The giant tree fell between the trees in the wedding garden. It didn't knock out the cherry tree on its way down. A shrub or two under the trunk may need some pruning. The arbor wasn't even touched.
Already we have noticed the difference in the light coming through the kitchen and hall windows.
The wedding garden looks a bit different until slash and firewood is removed.
I think JEJ has found one more talent to add to his resume.

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