Vintage and Victorian, Nonizamboni, and a New Obsession

A few weeks ago I was once again visiting Peacock Blue, a favorite blog created by Nonizamboni. I love the unique artistic things she does on her blog so I just asked her where all the collections came from. She gave me all kinds of ideas for finding pictures, designs, and lettering. You can find her blog here.

This evening I decided to take a little tour through a few of the sites since I wanted to especially find some Victorian valentine clipart. It started with Victorian valentines, and went to dogs, then to vintage valentines and before I knew it I had spent a couple of hours enjoying beautiful art, design, photos, advertisements, old photos, and prints. Here are a few of the favorites I found meandering from site to site. My sidebar is displaying a few also. The expression on this girl's face would capture anybody's attention, whether they wanted to buy Niagara Starch or not!This picture reminds me of a page from a classic fairy tale or storybook.
It's the dogs that just make this picture called "Sick Woman"...what a perfect illustration of devotion.
The nest and eggs are so precise, yet very artistic. This vintage valentine creates a spot that I would like to be right now. I can just smell those blossoms fill the air!

I always love to add another obsession to a list that is already very long. Generally when my life gets too busy and hectic I procrastinate myself into these obsessions. Tomorrow I have a growing list of things I must get done, but I am already yearning for a few hours of seed catalog browsing, a drive to take photos, oh and I must schedule in another Zags game. Now I know why things just don't get done sometimes! Sigh.


  1. Procrastination is stress behavior!totally a legit response as long as it doesn't keep you from meeting your commitments. :) Loved those Victorians. LOVED 'EM.

  2. How delightful........ I do love those old valentines and victorian pictures even though they are a bit flowerly and sugarly sweet, maybe there is a little bit of a girlie side deep inside of me lol


  3. Delightful post!and thanks for thinking of me. Glad I've been able to add another obsession to your list :O) there's just so much beauty out there and not q.u.i.t.e. enough time each day. You handle it all were gracefully, tho.
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. IEG, thanks so much for sharing these lovely pictures! I don't think of myself as being a "Victorian" woman, but these old valentines and pictures do my heart good. I think I'll take a little 'web trip' and see what I can find! Also love the new background!


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