Top Ten Reasons I Want Spring to Arrive!

10. I want to open this gate again!
9. I want to find out if the stuff buried under the ice can be salvaged.
8. I want a locate a place we can drive to, get out of the car, let the dogs run without slipping on ice, and not be concerned the car will get stuck, or or we will run into a snow berm.
7. I want to sit at the table in the yard.
6. I want to see a crocus break through the soil.
5. I want to see a campground open!
4, I want to taste a fresh rhubarb crisp warm out of the over with ice cream.

3. I want to fill a bird feeder.
2. I want to breathe in the rich, earthy smell of dirt again.
and the number one reason I want spring to arrive is so I can pick my own bouquet of flowers once again!


  1. I think I could live with all that.

  2. All sounds about right to me :)


  3. so amazing you guys are still covered. We did have a lot of breakage in our shrubs. I'm very sad.

    The assisted living where our Auntie Fern lives is having Hoodie Hoo day on Friday.

    They all go out to the courtyard and yell "HOODIE HOO" as loud as they can to scare winter away. You might try that?

  4. And I thought I could hardly wait for spring! You have even more reasons. Wishing you a spring thaw soon!

  5. Wish you could send some of all that white stuff our way. We so seldom get any of it any more.


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