Remembering Spring

I remember snowball blooms and green leaves and grass....

...and a time that I could make a bouquet from the tulips around the yard,

...and smell lilacs in Mom's backyard,...and see bleeding hearts that survived the snow.
I wonder if they are all under there growing under that protective cover of frozen snow? Only time will tell... but for now I will just remember spring as a lingering, long ago memory.


  1. Thanks for the great pics. One nice thing about these gray days of winter is the hope of know spring will come, one way or another, and share beautiful colors and warmth and memories.

  2. IEG, they are always there under the snow-tis the miracle of life that spring eternal-

  3. Anonymous25.2.09

    Dang it all...had me a going there for a moment.

  4. i absolutely loved this post. haven't been able to comment this week. :( google says no way.

  5. It has been a long winter, hasn't it? Lovely post.


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