Perhaps It Is Cabin Fever?

Usually cats keep a set routine that rarely changes. Not at our house. Perhaps we can attribute it to cabin fever. McDuff hadn't visited inside the house since Shelby arrived, which was more than three years ago. He would hang out in the room attached to the garage and certainly in a bed in the garage, but not in the house. All of a sudden a few weeks ago McDuff has reappeared like he has always been hanging out with us in the evening. He comes in the kitchen in the morning to be fed and has even joined us on the bed at night. Go figure!Lily has also showed signs of a changed routine. When we adopted her she had never been around people or other animals much so she has always been a bit of a loner. She watches us a lot and is a follower outside, but keeps to herself inside in the room attached to the garage. Now she is venturing out also. She has jumped up on the back of the chair in the sunroom and rested behind JEJ's head. Today she just sat by the door like she was waiting for me to come and get ready for school (She always follows me in the morning and watches my routine of getting ready).
Did we add another dog to our pet family? No, Annie was given a spring cut that looks like a summer cut while it is still winter. Her fur was getting to be a bit of a mess and it was hard to tell if she was getting chubby or just had a lot of hair. JEJ decided a cut was in order earlier than usual. I can't believe how many cute freckles she has now! She does resemble a Pointer or German Shorthair and appears more lean as she continues to walk atop the snow that is STILL HERE!!
Of course, all these changes around the house just provide Shelby with new motivation for trying out her herding skills. With one more cat to corral around the house there is never a dull moment for Shelby.She still finds time to go out eat snow with her best buddy. Both of them are sure there are some yummy treasures buried right here. Will the snow ever melt? Perhaps there is someone else around this house that has cabin fever.


  1. Aww... the animals look wonderful and cute as ever... hopefully the snow starts to settle down. I know we had some melting occurring during the day but it gets bitterly cold during the nighttime and it takes a long time before it warms up so the melting only happens about 2-3 hrs but it DOES happen! =)


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