Lake Roosevelt Road Trip: Saturday Sunshine

Those of us that live in the Inland Empire understand how a day of sunshine can lift the spirits, bring back a surge of energy, and cause people like us to grab lunch, the dogs, cameras, and sunglasses and head for a road trip along the northern part of Lake Roosevelt.The source of the Columbia River is north of us across the border in Canada, but there are places along both shores of Lake Roosevelt that the channel has narrowed to resemble the original river. These pictures were taken at Snag Cove Campground and boat launch.
As the road climbed higher it was easy to view the lake where it widens again. If you look closely you can see a bridge that connects Stevens and Ferry counties in northeastern Washington.
As we headed down the hill to cross the new Kamloops Island bridge small pools of water were melting in the sunlight on the frozen Kettle River. The new bridge sits close to the railroad bridge that stayed open during the construction. We spotted lots of deer as we made our way around the lake. They were quick, but I did catch a picture of this guy. With the sunshine, the wildlife, gorgeous scenery, and the road reopened at the bridge it made for a grand road trip close to home.


  1. Lovely photos, it looks like a great place for a trip.

  2. I love looking at photos of the area where you live, it is far removed from my world...... fanks for sharing....

    But dam it looks cold :)


  3. What an amazing place!

    Mary Sharpe

  4. gave me the shivers...


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