Cabin Fever Part 2

Well..... cabin fever has definitely taken over today at our house. It is snowing again... and sticking!When I got my fill of the white stuff powdering up the deck I decided to escape to the greenhouse.
Thank goodness for thriving plants and these beautiful variegated geranium leaves. I am ready for these plants to move outside.I think Isabelle just got tired of the snow also. She decided to ponder what to do next here while she caught up on her sleep.
I am afraid if this weather continues Annie will now have to get a sweater!
I am not dreaming of a white St. Patrick's Day.... I want a green St. Patrick's Day!! WAAAAHHHHH!


  1. We had only a sifting. And the sun peeked thorough briefly this afternoon.

  2. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!! We haven't had any more snow here (I don't think!), but the snow we have is hard as a rock and UGLY. COME ON!! Warm up!! I don't even care if it rains! I just want the snow to go away!!


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