The Art of Basketball : Following the Gonzaga Bulldogs

I haven't written a post yet this season about my favorite college basketball team. Following the Gonzaga Bulldogs is one of my winter rituals. Gonzaga is located in Spokane, Washington close to home and from the time I was small we drove up Hamilton Street past the campus many times a year to visit my Grandma Woolum on Bridgeport. Who would have known I would start this love affair with a college basketball team? When I was younger Grandma spoke of Gonzaga in connection to Bing Crosby. My dad also followed the Zags and loved spending time at Jack and Dan's discussing the career of John Stockton, a Gonzaga grad that went on the the NBA. I have a student named Austin who loves, you guessed it, Austin Daye!The Zags are undefeated in their conference and pulled off a big victory tonight against the Portland Pilots. They are ranked 18th in the nation and make basketball fun to watch. Everyone knows where to find us when Gonzaga is playing a game. I've been know to adjust a few scheduled events to fit in a game! It is impossible to get tickets to watch them play at their home court, so we rely on the next best thing....the television in the living room.
I understand the art of basketball, but I don't understand the science of basketball . I couldn't explain why the defense works or how the offense switches up, but I know a masterpiece when I watch Micah Downs reaching the basket at just the right moment as Austin Daye passes the ball and he stuffs it in. I understand form when I am glued to the television set as Steven Gray does a fast break in a solo run down the court. I study still life when the people in the bleachers stand frozen as a ball gracefully arches over the opponents' heads and falls into the basket for a three-pointer at the buzzer. I appreciate balance as I watched Matt Bouldin do just about everything right tonight. That is the art of basketball. It is what keeps me watching this team. Go Zags!


  1. I'm always amazed at how quickly those big guys can move.

  2. My son invited his dad to a game this year, then discovered he could only get one ticket. I don't know how he even got one, though he is an alumn and an advisor to the computer science department. His seat is in the top row, so if it is telelvised we will have a better view


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