Winter Tour: Fortunately, Unfortunately

I love the picture book Fortunately by Remy Charlip. This week-end I was finally home when it was light outside so I could tour the property and survey the effects of winter. This book kept coming to mind.
Fortunately the snow is still piled high enough that Shelby can still play Rin Tin Tin and watch over the neighborhood.
Unfortunately it is still almost impossible to get the car in the garage.
Fortunately the ivy under the eaves has survived the winter.
Unfortunately some climbing roses got hit with the snowplow and we don't know the damage.
Fortunately the trellis is still standing after it was covered with snow for weeks.
Unfortunately one lawn decoration didn't get put away and it is buried in this frozen snow bank. I spotted the pretty copper color glinting in the sun.
Fortunately there are actually buds coming out on the lilacs, forsythia, and serviceberries in the yard.
Unfortunately they may be buried in snow again in a week.
Fortunately this crabapple tree has food for the birds.
Unfortunately the feeders are impossible to fill right now because of the snow.
Fortunately we had snow shovels when they were a scarce item a few weeks ago.
Unfortunately that meant JEJ had to use them!
Fortunately the sun came out and the sky was blue so we could get some Vitamin D.
Unfortunately I was sequestered in the study grading tests and scoring writing to be ready for the semester end this week.


  1. oooooooooooh the poor birds.
    well, poor you, too.

    We only had two weeks of it.
    You've been at it .. what? for over a month?

  2. You still have much snow! Ours is all gone, but we haven't seen the sunshine for weeks. Even if I were outside --- there would be no Vit D to be had. :( I'm really looking forward to spring!



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