Wild Thing

Last week I turned fifty-four years old. I don't mind sharing my age. Actually, I am proud of reaching my fifties and thankful for what has come with being this age. As I have grown older I have developed little idiosyncrasies. One example is researching and researching before any product can be purchased. I would be horrified if I purchased the wrong brand or paid too much when one was marked twenty dollars less! I also have a habit of taking every map, travel book, and other bits of interest when we go camping ten miles away. I want the security of knowing where I am going. Sometimes I don't have enough gas to get to town, but the car has aspirin, wipes for the glasses, mints, chap stick, toothpicks, hand warmers, ice cleats, and extra Kleenex. I love to be prepared.

I have shared other poems by Judith Viorst from her collection Forever Fifty and other negotiations. Here is another favorite that was a gentle reminder this week:

Wild Thing
I went for a walk in the sun without wearing my sunscreen,
I went out of town without making a reservation.
I placed my mouth directly upon a public drinking fountain, and took a sip.
I didn't bother flossing my teeth before bedtime.
I pumped my own gasoline at a self-service station.
I ate a deviled egg instead of the cauliflower with low-fat yogurt dip.
I bought, without reading Consumer Report, a new dryer.
I left my checking account unreconciled
I know that the consequences could be dire,
But sometimes a woman simply has to run wild.

Judith Viorst


  1. haaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha. wild thing.
    And here I was expecting
    "Wild thing
    You make my heart sing
    You make everything groovy
    Wild thing"

  2. guess what? I just serenaded my husband with that wonderful song! great minds think alike!

  3. Happy Birthday! Best wishes for a wonderful new year!!!!! I am just a few weeks behind you --- no wonder I relate to you and all your posts so well!

    Blessings to you!

  4. I so agree with you (as you saw on my blog earlier today). I'm a big Judith Viorst fan, too.

  5. I love that piece. Hope you had a wildly happy birthday! (I'm not far behind you - 51 next week - maybe I'll consider 'going wild' too ;)


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