What Is Next?

Each day this week people have asked, " What is next?" We have had deep snow, wind, cold temperatures, sunshine, more snow, rain, warmer temperatures, roofs covered with snow, roofs bare of snow, slush, ice, unsanded roads, sanded roads, students covered with snow, students wet from playing King of the Mountain, school starting two hours late, schools in the area closed, a few little leaks in the classrooms, and plenty of temptation to throw snowballs!

Fortunately in my corner of the world it has been a safe week. Our school has been in good shape thanks to lots of hard work by many people over break. Our students are used to being out in snow so boots, heavy coats, and gloves most often come with them to school. The buses have been able to get around after one late start on Monday. I felt students were ready to come back to school and have been attentive all week, even if they are sitting in class in wet clothes after playing outside. After watching the news about other schools around the inland empire, I would say we are most fortunate. What is next? Perhaps next week we will have sunshine and blue skies the whole week.
Ahhh! Bliss.


  1. Those are beautiful shots. I'm glad you are staying safe. That is a ton of snow and amazing the children are able to make it to school. I hope you do get some sunshine.

  2. WOW that first photo is amazing...... still cant imagine how communities can function with such deep snow, do you have to stock up on the essential food supplies incase you cant get out?

    We aint had snow but Jack Frost has been severe for here with temps dropping to -12c overnights and painting the grass and pavements with glittery sparkling whiteness.... suppose to warm up over the weekend and next week but winds and rain forecast.... give me the cold anyday to wind and rain.....

    Stay safe..


  3. There is only snow in the mountains now. We're back to dry ground. I went out on a bird hunt this morning -- and they are still scarce.

    Ps. I also learned today that Robins will eat apples, bananas and grapes when they get very hungry.

  4. Happy Birthday, IEG!!! Have a wonderful day, and check out my post wishing you a happy day.

  5. Happy Birthday! Hasn't this been a winter? And it's so new, yet! I'm not sure I would hazard at guess at what's next. :)



  7. Carver: I am hearing a rumor that sunshine is coming this week!
    Marmite: We stock up on food,water, propane, candles, etc. all the time to be ready. I think we have enough food to get us through until summer! lol. Thanks for the birthday wishes.
    Pamela... I am concerned about our bird friends. We can't even get to the feeders.
    SVg... thanks again. I love the post.
    Tumblewords: thank you... I can't comment on your blog. I wondered is that was temporary. I'll stop by again.


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