Guarding the Neighborhood from The Top of the Berm

Even though it has warmed up a bit here and some of the snow has melted the dogs still had enough of a white berm to play King of the Mountain today. Where they are standing is usually a rose garden just off the deck. The berm is about a foot above the deck still.
JEJ figured out how Annie was able to run out front when he was getting ready to leave yesterday. This snow makes it easy to go over the gate.

I don't know what the dogs see when they are up so high, but whatever is on the hillside is sure catching Annie and Shelby's attention. I am sure they are ready to protect the whole neighborhood from Sasquatch!
I have always heard that snow provides a protective blanket for plants that winter over. If that is the case I should have monster hydrangeas next spring!


  1. you said it. They are only sleeping !!can't wait to see them - not to far off.Sandy

  2. Keep saying that Sandy... spring is not too far off.... spring is not too far off.... lol


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