How Are the Pets Doing?

Our furry friends have adapted well to being snowbound. Annie loves the snow and will go out and run, roll, and doesn't seem to be bothered with getting cold. Can you tell what this is? We did not decide to attach cotton balls to Annie's fur. All of Annie's "feathers" turned into tiny snow balls when the cold snow and her fur collided. When she pranced in she looked like she was wearing a pom pom sweater!
Shelby is another story." Do I have to go outside?" she asks. Her breed is used to that hot Australian outback so she stays inside and lays by the fire if she has a choice.
I shared in recent post how our cats love the greenhouse. Here is another shot of Kit hiding among the Christmas cactus. Annie leaves Shelby inside and heads back out into the snow! I hope you are enjoying your New Year's Day and are warm and cozy wherever you are!


  1. our cats seem to be doing fine, though there's not as much snow down where i live, for sure.

    up here at the ranch, though, hubby spent three hours shoveling snow off the roof!! he was soaked to the skin when he came in and grateful for his life, since he didn't actually fall off the roof when he slipped all those times.

  2. Oh my, I just couldn't help but giggle at all the little "cotton balls" clinging to Annie's fur... that's just too adorable!!

    Happy New Year!


  3. Our cat (our daughter's cat to be exact) has perfected the U-turn at the back door.

  4. Alex... I feel blessed that JEJ has been safe with all the neighborhood roofs he has helped with.
    RMGirl... I was a bit sad when the pom poms melted!
    Pamela... our cats are so funny... we find them everywhere!


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