How many ways can you say it?
How many ways can you explain it?
How many ways can you illustrate it?

It has been really, really cold. Last Friday the heat stopped working in my classroom. When I arrived it was 46 degrees and it finally reached 56 by the end of the day. That is pretty darn cold to think and work.
The ice has never melted on top of our snow and the parking lot at school has a path of ice I get to navigate each morning heading inside.
When I watch my car thermometer as I drive to school, it drops all the way south down the lake until I reach school and it has read 2 degrees, 5 degrees, and 11 degrees this week.
Wearing my scarf and gloves all day has helped, but they don't always match my outfit!
Wearing wool socks and lined boots keeps my feet warm, but make it tough to stand on my feet.

I need to be like these cats and find a warm place inside at home...or sit in the sunroom and feel the warmth on my back....or be Kit and go anywhere that is warm!! I heard a rumor the weather is going to warm up above freezing next week!


  1. I love your photos of the light coming into the room and the cats. They definitely seem to have the right idea, huddling together for warmth! It's very cold here too (though probably not as cold as where you are!).

  2. Ooooh,IEG, I hear ya woman! It's cold in them thar hills and in our fabulous Silver Valley as well! Stay warm and well, friend!

    I just LOVE your Victorian-looking pictures on your side bar! Just awesome!

  3. it warmed up here this week. The rumor is it is going to get chilly again.

    sending warm thoughts your way.

  4. I hope it will warm up for you. I know the winter is dragging on for you. My daughter lives in Iowa City and she's been experiencing a very cold winter too.

    I enjoyed your post above about writing. I used to write everything by hand but in recent years find myself doing less of that.

    I'm not sure why my old posts didn't show up when you visited my blog. They showed up when I checked. I think sometimes blogger has hiccups.

  5. Well, we finally have sunshine --- but most of January was spent under an inversion. It's been cold and bleak! Our pellet stove has been sucking up pellets. I think we've used 50 bags this month. Your kitties look warm and cozy --- I think on those days when your classroom doesn't get warmer than 57 degrees --- that the kitties should go to work with you. They are wonderful hand warmers!

    They tell me spring will arrive. I can hardly wait!


  6. Thursday afternoon, the car thermometer read 45 degrees. People were wandering around with their coats undone, not wearing gloves and hats. It felt so balmy. What a nice change from the arctic temperatures of Monday and Tuesday


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