The Birthday Amaryllis

On his blog recently my brother Raymond Pert commented that he had received an amaryllis plant as a gift from a clerk at a store he frequents. He was concerned about keeping it alive. I reassured him to just " keep the soil moist and put the amaryllis in a window... it will grow and bloom!" That same advice worked for me.
The joy of forcing an amaryllis bulb is the anticipation of when it will bloom. The suspense ended for me on my birthday Friday. The anticipation also builds as I wonder what it will look like. Usually the box gets burned and I can't remember the type or color. This one is a beauty.
Now we can call this one the Birthday Amaryllis.


  1. What a cutie. Looks like a Minerva

  2. I love Amaryllis! I have three growing in my living room window right now. One is going to bloom very soon. Another has two near-blooming stalks. The third just has leaves so far. I think it's a dud =(

    Happy Birthday, btw!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Wow, what a beauty!

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Christy, and many more to come!!

  5. Well Happy Birthday! I hope you had a lovely birthday weekend.

  6. Well then, happy late birthday to you, my friend.
    That is one beautiful Birthday Amaryllis you have there!!!!
    I love that unique color, very special indeed!
    Take care...

  7. I'm a bit preoccupied. Please forgive me. :( I hope your birthday was fun and relaxing. Many, many happy returns.

  8. Thanks A. Bulb... a Minerver. I love the name.
    Rondi... I hope to see some pictures. Thanks for the birthday wishes.
    Mm... thanks so much. I did have a happy birthday and I know there will be more to come.
    Sallyacious... it was a relaxing, quiet week-end.. just what I needed.
    Michele. Thanks so much... don't you love the colors?
    JBelle... yes, the wonder of these flowers. You never know what color you might get or when. My birthday was the best and you just keep inspiring me with the yellow truck US tour.


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