Best of 2008: Part 2: Keepers From the Photo Album

Inland Empire sky trees in the fog

icicles add texture to the window a quiet spot on Veteran's Day our Garden Valley Church with a new roof, new siding, and a lovely steeple

reflecting on the beauty of Sullivan Lake
Christmas cactus blooming at Thanksgiving
a window hanging from a window here comes the sun... December 2008

the wedding garden in October
Annie and Isabelle saying hello


  1. some of those need a little applause!!

  2. you give me the best windows on the world. I see scenes I would have snapped and loved Sandy

  3. The Ice on the window looks spectacular!!!
    Annie and Isabelle saying hello is so adorable. Almost as if they are kissing... that's so cute!

  4. Pamela... thanks.
    sandyland... they were just the right scenes are the right time.
    RMGirl... isn't the ice picture awesome. Annie and Isabelle are so cute... we love this picture.


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