Everyone Needs a Spot: Makeover Project #3

Just as we are completing the third makeover project around our house I finally see the sun peeking out from behind a gray cloud cover that has been hovering for many day. Now we can stop and I won't have to beat the winter blues. JEJ breathed a sigh of relief!
The front bedroom/guest room/computer room/home office now became the study. I was amazed how much I could pull into this room to make it coordinate. JEJ added the new paint, but with the exception of the candles on the wall and the striped Kleenex box, everything else was somewhere in the house before. Again, a makeover that didn't cost much.I love my writing table in front of the window and will enjoy watch spring burst forth in a few months.
There is something about having things organized on shelves... even if it doesn't last.
This beautiful print " Dancer of the Coeur d' Alenes " by Carrie Stuart Parks needed a better place to hang. Her watercolor was to commemorate the Historic Skills Fair at the Cataldo Mission in 1990. Our families have been connected for over fifty years and Carrie was raised and still lives close to the Mission. I love to have this reminder of family and historic connection hanging in this room.

I still want to use the east wall to display some of my own photos. I think I will go to the study and sit. The redone bathroom was a great sitting room, but the chair will be more comfortable here!
The colors in this room are from the Ace Colors of Your Life. The combination is Siesta ( walls), Northern Exposure , and Pink Lady ( which was the color that was "to pop"... my it does pop!). Of course, Kit always makes himself at home and looks like he belongs there. JEJ did all the hard work on this project.. I just rearranged and accessorized. Thanks JEJ!
Click any pictures to enlarge and see the details!


  1. Wonderful makeover! I love a desk facing a window. It makes for good contemplation.

    Kit looks very comfy! My kitties were both adopted together before Christmas. I am so relieved and happy.

  2. awwww the painting goes so well with the cat

  3. I always enjoy your pictures and comments. I caught my breath today looking at your room makeover. I have had the same picture hanging in my dining room for years. Carrie's mother was my World History Teacher.

  4. Nita Jo... This is a good location and Kit just loves this spot.
    Pamela... they do all go together.
    The Spud... Welcome... I am glad to hear you have been reading my blog. Carrie's mom and my mom had known each other since college and her brother and my brother are lifelong friends. I am glad you have the same picture!


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