Beating the Winter Blues: Makeover Project #1

When it is gray and cloudy outside and the weather is too cold to appreciate an outdoor activity, it is time to move indoors and plan some makeovers. For my birthday gift JEJ offered to paint the main bathroom and the study. As always happens with makeover projects... one thing leads to another. When we realized all the furniture wouldn't fit back into the study we did a makover of the sunroom. Above are the shelves moved from the study.JEJ did some contract work a few years ago at my school. He built new shelves in classrooms which meant there were some beautiful old, varnished wood shelves that were going to be trashed. They came home with him. We had the two sets of shelves divided and placed in two rooms. Saturday we created a new shelf setup in the sunroom to hold the gardening books. We left them just the way they were with the shiny varnish intact. I like having all the books in one place. The sunroom is a nice place to sit with seed catalogs, gardening books , and a warm fire while dreaming and planning the 2009 gardens. We may not even notice the gray skies and dirty snow if we stay in the sunroom! Click the pictures to get a larger view if you want to check out my favorite gardening books.

Good news about this makeover. It was free! Makeovers can never end with one project. Stay tuned in days to come as I post our other makeovers taking place as I write.


  1. Know the part I liked the very best? the warm fire. I know I could settle in an spend all day in your newly made over sunroom.

  2. it's so very inviting sandy

  3. How lovely and cozy that looks. And good for your fella for not just tossing those shelves, but finding a new place for them.

    I am curious about everything not fitting back when you were done painting. Is it like when you take a piece of equipment apart and when you put it back together you have a piece left over that doesn't seem to go anywhere?

  4. Winter blues? HA! Embrace the cold, the snow, the wet, the gray skies, the fierce wind, the terrible roads...shoot, can't do it.


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