Photos and Poem of Summer Storm

As the weather cooled a bit this evening we watched the day turn from sunny and hot, to cloudy and sultry, to a beautiful pink. It was an amazing transformation. The thunder and lightening made lights flicker and Annie shiver, but the rain provided a bit of relief from temperature above one hundred degrees.
Then across the sky a rainbow appeared.

Summer Storm

The air is heavy, still, and waiting;

Slow-moving, white clouds are captured

By dark, angry clouds that look menacing.

A storm is on its way.

Birds, animals turn for shelter in bushes and trees.

Lightning streaks through the sky, count to ten;

The roar and rumble of thunder, children hide under beds.

It's angels in heaven bowling, have no fear;

Clouds open, cooling rain pours down, storm has passed.

Animals come out to drink, birds sing,

In the sky a beautiful rainbow is cast.

The drought is over, our prayers ring

Our thanks to God for His gift for our thirst.

Water for every growing and living being,

This scorching, hot, dry summer was the worst.

God sees, God hears, God knows and takes care

Of His creations in His way and time.

Virginia J. Brady

Conspicuously Creative Award

Thank you I Beati for this special award.
"You can't hide their special talents- poetry, story telling, art- they are in a special place called Creativeland. I go there to lose myself , to read again and again, to appreciate quality .They are the recipients of this award called Conspicuously Creative." You can find her blog here.