Sibling Assignment #87: A Perfect Day

I gave the assignment this week. "Describe a perfect day. " I will link my siblings' posts when they are done.

My perfect day would be a Saturday in the spring. It would be perfect to pick one of those days when the gardens are just coming alive and it is warm enough to be outside.I would start my day with enjoying the Meyers Falls Market blend coffee made by our local coffee roasters. Toast with orange marmalade would be on the side.This favorite wall hanging of mine reminds me of that need for a spot. It hangs on the door of my home office which is where I would then continue with my perfect day. The view of the front gardens is perfect as I take time to appreciate the world around me. I will light a orange ginger aromatherapy candle for energy. The rest of my morning ritual of reading my daily verses, checking news and online activity on my laptop will take place as I appreciate the sounds of Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copeland and The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Packing up a picnic, cameras, music, and the dogs the rest of the day would be spent on a road trip with JEJ. In the spring of the year it is nice to catch the world beginning to turn green. I also love sky pictures.Upon returning home we'll grab our favorite beverages, build a fire in the gazebo and sit and enjoy the sounds of the birds and the crackling fire. To really make it a perfect day I would have stopped for a Gourmet Vegetarian pizza at Papa Murphy's so I won't have to cook dinner!

Downloading pictures will be my first task after moving back into the house. That will be the time to reflect on the peaceful day. It will be time to write my blog and check in on other blogs. Finally, it is time to grab a book on the nightstand and settle in for some reading before bed. As I lull off to sleep I count my blessings and smile remembering a perfect day.Now I am off to create another perfect day in the snow and sunshine. Happy New Year!


  1. Sweet friend I hope you have a wonderful NEw Year. Thanks for your friendship.

  2. I have always found your blog a place for inspiration. Happy New Year to you also.


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