Sibling Assignment #84: I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

I came up with the sibling assignment this week in keeping with a holiday theme.
" When we hear certain songs they take us back to a time and place in our past and stir up memories. Pick a Christmas song and reflect on the time and place it takes you." Silver Valley Girl's poignant memory of singing while driving home with my parents is here and Raymond Pert's will be posted soon.

I don't remember how young I was when I started watching the movie White Christmas, but the movie and songs are vivid memories. It seemed like in the '60's everyone in north Idaho had a white Christmas. Every old photo of winter shows snow. I remember traveling on slick, snowy roads to get to Grandma's house close to Christmas back then. I couldn't imagine the cast in the movie when they arrived in Vermont with no snow.

Back then the movie would only be shown once during the holidays. When it came on I felt like the holiday season had really started. Later it was replaced by Charlie Brown, Grinch, and Rudolph in prime time, so I had to stay up really late in order to see it. I remember one Christmas Eve sitting up after everyone else went to bed to watch White Christmas.

What brings back fond memories is the title song "White Christmas" . Partly because it is from this movie and also because Bing Crosby was attached to Spokane and Gonzaga University . We thought of him as some Spokane Saint or something. My grandmother held him in high regard. My dad loved to sing with Bing when he heard this song. Any time I hear the song now I picture Dad or Grandma loving up the hill from Gonzaga or the scene in the movie when Bing is singing to the soldiers.

Later when I owned my own VHS copy of the movie I created a tradition of viewing it while doing my Christmas baking. I moved up to this century last year when RP gave me a DVD copy of the film. All I need now is surround sound. Take a few minutes and enjoy Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas".


  1. No need for anything but some bells and his wonderful voice. an acoustic feast.

    Oh how I loved his music.
    About brings tears to my eyes.

    My dad and mom had his Christmas LP. I wonder what ever happened to it.

  2. It just wouldn't be Christmas without watching "White Christmas", especially singing the "Sisters" duet with you!!

  3. Pamela... I am with you. It almost brings tears to my eyes also. It would be fun to find that LP.

    SVG... ah yes! The Sisters song was third after your post and White Christmas!


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