Remember December: U is for Unusual Angel

One of my own Christmas traditions began when I got my first dog. My students knew how much I loved dogs so I began to receive ornaments as gifts. Thus started my dog ornament collection.

In recent years I have a little tree that displays the collection. In the vet's office many years ago I was reading Dog Fancy magazine and saw an ad for dog angels. You could even pick your breed! The English Springer Spaniel resembled my first dog Nikki so closely, I knew I had to have it!

I had hoped to put in on the top of the tree, but this angel always toppled off. Now she is perched in some prominent place in the house, a location which is high enough to keep the dogs from thinking she is a toy and destroying her and also high enough to stop the cats from playing with her beautiful ribbons.

Yesterday I took her outside to capture her image amid the sunshine and snow. Don't let that sunshine fool you. It was still about zero degrees on the deck!


  1. I love this. You know that I would though since I have 4 dogs.

  2. hey - it's snowing here again.

    I'm just giggling at that heavenly little dog. It is easy to picture a spaniel in angel robes.. I'm wondering how a pit bull or a rottweiler might appear. (Hell's angel?) giggle

  3. very unusual I know it's my poor eyes but what is the picture upper right brickish looking sidebar??????Sandy

  4. Yolanda... dog lovers appreciate this!
    Pamela... snow down your way too? I think it is snowing everywhere. We decided to stay put for Christmas. I love your idea for those other dogs. lol
    i beati... the picture is a fountain made of bricks that trickles into a little pond. With the ice and snow it looks a bit different. It is right by the door so we can still see it!!

  5. Adorable - at first I thought you may have 'dressed' a real dog and I was amazed at your patience. :) A fun collection addition, for sure. Cold and snow here - below zero and 4+ feet. Reminds me of 68-69...sigh. Happy Holidays!


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