Remember December: S is for Snow, Snow, Snow

Combine the snow that fell yesterday with the snow from Saturday and we are surrounded by about sixteen inches at our house. I enjoy the simple contrast between black and white when capturing snow images.

We had a late start today at school to give the plows time to clear the roads. Fortunately all our students arrived safe and some of those "tough guys" in middle school actually put away the athletic shorts and began wearing long pants. I couldn't believe it.
Driving home was a bit less hectic than yesterday and I had the whole road to myself. The students and staff will have Christmas celebrations tomorrow morning then dismiss early to begin a much anticipated winter break!


  1. I almost went black and white with my pictures, but wanted the color of the berries to come through. The pics are beautiful Now don't get snowed in next week!!!

  2. Eugene, Oregon got about three inches of snow. Debbie got two snow days. I looked out side and thought some one had spilled a box of Ivory Flakes, but no, it was city stopping school closing snow.

  3. It looks much the same here. I love the beauty of it all . Just not the driving around part.What is your first name? I have visited here for such a long time and don't know what your first name is. Just wondering.

  4. Pretty pretty pretty, but then I dont have to put up with it day in and day out :)


  5. we got another couple inches last night -- if you can believe it! at 700 feet above sea level, we barely ever get snow :) this is crazy weather!

  6. SVG... I Agree... leaving the red was a good choice.
    RP...I'll bet Eugene shut down.
    Yolanda... I hear you have really been hit also. It is beautiful. My first name is Christy.
    Marmite... it is pretty and I am glad I don't have to go anywhere.
    Alex... Lewiston? Snow? OMG.


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