Remember December: Q is for Qualified Snowperson Collector

“Snowmen fall from Heaven unassembled.” UnknownThere is something about the cheerful faces of snow people while perched on windowsills, shelves, and tables that can warm the heart, even on the coldest day of the year...and it is not even officially winter.I started collecting snowmen when I received a few as gifts from students while teaching elementary school. I loved the way the little group cheered up the house, even after Christmas. Later these three were given me to me as gifts also.
Then I got a special sock snowman made by my niece The Princess when she was very young. I decided I liked snow people... lots of snow people. My collection has continued to grow and each snow person has a story or a memory that is attached.
These three fellows caught my eye because I was doing a red and white theme for Christmas a few years ago. I finally discovered if I put them in a window their faces really shine. Sunday you could also see the winter wonderland through the pane above their striped hats.
Everyone needs an angel with a coal smile to gaze down from on high.
Then there are my gardening snow women. Each of them holds something unique that connects them with gardening and country living. Often this quartet ends up on the tree. As long as I can convince Shelby that the snowmen aren't doggie toys with squeakers that need to be removed and also make sure Kit understands that these snowmen stay on shelves, not on carpets to be tossed around, I will probably keep displaying and collecting them.


  1. I love them too. I once made one for our front porch made out of flower pots.

  2. Wow........ these are just gorgeous..... dont really see any snowman bits and bobs around here, not that Ive really looked or that I really go shopping as such lmfao...... but, I dont remember seeing such beautiful ornaments as you have......

    Both yours and JBelles collections are wonderful....


  3. I love The Princess Snowman! fabbo! And I love how the faces do shine from the light on the windowsill. I loved seeing all these happy, funny face on this cold, dark morning. :)

  4. whimsical snow people just make you fell good!!Sandy

  5. Especially for you......

  6. Yolanda... now that sounds like a great porch project for next year!
    JBelle... The sock snowman is the first to be displayed. It almost met his demise when Shelby was a puppy... again she thought it was a toy.
    i beati... yes, they do cheer up the day.
    Marmite... I love this site, but want to check out this new preview. Thanks for the link.


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