Remember December: P is for Postcards from Lake Roosevelt

Driving along Lake Roosevelt on my way to and from school today I was struck by the beauty of the gray waters around Barnaby Island through the tunnel of trees. With temperatures hovering around seven degrees the spectacular sunrise was a welcome site when I arrived at the school. Driving home I captured the images of the fields covered with a white blanket of snow.


  1. it is really cold here and more snow expected in the coming days but o so pretty.

  2. solitary.peaceful. spare. just lovely.

  3. LOVE the shot of the Holy Family on your sidebar.

  4. Yolanda... I hear you are getting blasted over west also. Today was a bit of a whiteout as I drove up the lake home.
    JBelle... I agree. The fields were my favorite part driving home. Today there was nothing to see but snow... arggggh. The Holy Family is in the front of my sister's house. Our house is too far back from the road for anybody to see a nativity so I just take pictures of hers. Believe it or not Jesus was stolen two years ago right from this manger in her front yard.


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