Remember December: N is for the Natural Beauty of Winter

Today I tried to capture the natural beauty of my surroundings with my camera lens using another point of view. I moved inside the warm, fragrant greenhouse and viewed the winter wonderland from the windows surrounding this structure.
It snowed about eight inches and this afternoon the gray sky had a look of snow. It is evening now and no more snow fell, but the temperatures are dropping as we move into night.

Perhaps tomorrow the greenhouse will be a place to enjoy if it gets as cold as predicted! Enjoy the natural beauty of winter from the windows of the greenhouse.


  1. Such a contrast, to stand in the greenhouse and look into the winter! Through your pictures, I could feel how warm it was in the greenhouse. Wonderful.

  2. G'Day, I found your blog through Myrtle Beach Ramblings. I love the contrast of the snow outside the window with the flowers and greenery in your glass house. How do you heat it?

  3. Ah yes, as the others said, the contrast of green and white is amazing. How I would enjoy the warmth of that greenhouse with that cold arctic wind howling past the outside.... mmm... sounds absolutely delightful!

  4. JBelle... when I arrived home from town and saw the inviting steam and green from outside I decided that was going to be my next photo session. Of course I took another twenty pictures! Now this morning with the temperatures hovering around 10 degrees it was not wise to be out in my pjs and slippers catching snow caps on the picket fence. BRRR.

    Welcome linda may... Myrtle Beach Ramblings is a great blog site. I have known him since he was a student in my mom's second grade class.We heat our greenhouse with a small 240 volt wall heater and fans on the ceiling. If it really gets cold, we have a backup heater. It usually stays around 45 degrees during the winter. If you get a greenhouse too warm you get bugs... especially white flies. We learned the hard way!

    Rocky Mtn. Girl...It really is delightful. It is such a treat to go smell a scented geranium leaves in December.

  5. I love photos from the inside looking out.....

    and just look at all that bloody snow.....


  6. As soon as I saw the topic, I knew I was soon to see some great photos. I was not disappointed. Thank you!

  7. your snow views are spectacular..Sandy


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