Remember December: K is for Kit as a Kitten

Last year we loved every minute we spent watching Kit in the snow, Kit birdwatching, Kit relaxing over the holidays and just about everything else Kit did. We still love watching everything Kit does, but we snapped more photos when he was a kitten. Kit does keep waiting for all those fun decorations to come out. I think he remembers how fun it was to knock glass ornaments off the tree to see if they would break. He also loved the tub full of ribbon and bows. Soon decorating will ramp up around this house and Kit will revert back to his kitten habits!


  1. what a beautiful collage of images, such a lovely looking kitten Kit was

  2. Oh my, what a gorgeous pure white cat........


  3. I would have thought it might be difficult to see a white cat in a snow scene - but Kit looks so beautiful in all of these.
    I like your idea of posting a different letter for each day - fun idea!

  4. Awwww... a cute post indeed.... I love the collage and the one where he's sleeping in the far right corner... adorable! =)


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