Remember December: J is for James Taylor

Many of you know that James Taylor is one of my favorite singers. I was so excited a few years ago when the Hallmark holiday music album for the season featured JT. He went on to re-release this album as "James Taylor A Christmas Album "with additional songs. With Dave Grusin producing and arranging the album you can also enjoy him on piano along with Chris Botti playing trumpet on "Winter Wonderland" and Natalie Cole joining James in a duet with "Baby, It's Cold Outside".

" Christmas holiday music is a rich and varied bag. It's true. These particular songs have lived in my head ( I guess it's my head) lo these many years. I'm lucky and happy to have the chance to put them down. And what a delight it's been to work ( play, really) with Mr. Grusin. " James Taylor

I knew James Taylor would be suited for a Christmas collection because on an earlier album "October Road" his last track was "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." I loved his version of one of my favorite Christmas songs. When James Taylor re-released his Christmas album this is one of the songs he added. Listen to the timeless James Taylor sing this timeless classic. Enjoy!


  1. Oh, James Taylor is a favorite of mine too!! I feel as if we *grew up* together. This is a great album and Who Comes This Night? makes me smile.
    p.s. I'm enjoying your Christmas alphabet. Hoping your days arent' too hectic.

  2. oooooooooooh I love him! And him singing this song!!!!! You made my day :)

  3. Thank you for the James Taylor song too - he's one of my favorite singers too!

  4. Noni... I love that song also. It was hard to pick my favorite. Part of it had to do with one that I could find on YouTube!!It isn't too hectic. The students have been great and we get out of school Dec. 19th which gives me time to "get ready".
    Shelby... great! I love to make people's days!
    Tinker... you have good taste!


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