Remember December: E is for eggnog

I love eggnog in a heated mug, flavoring a cheesecake, as a latte, a cake, sprinkled with nutmeg, in cookies, and even served on ice. Some fast food restaurants serve eggnog shakes. I don't crave eggnog all year, but once it appears in stores around the holidays I like it for that span of time. I can't resist an espresso stand advertising eggnog lattes. What is your favorite way to enjoy the flavor of eggnog?


  1. God, I love egg nog. I realize it is a artery clogger, but I don't care. One of my sons has never developed a taste for it. He has tried it every year since he was about 10 and wants to like it, but just can't.

  2. I have never experienced eggnog......


  3. I like it any way I can get it! The pleasure of the rare, the forbidden, the seasonal makes it all the sweeter!

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  5. I love eggnog mixed half/half with DIET PEPSI.
    no lie.


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