Remember December: D is for Decorated Houses

I love houses that are decorated outside at Christmastime. Our house isn't seen by very many people so we only hang snowflake lights in the greenhouse and snowmen in the patio windows. When people really get into house decorating, it is really fun to drive around and enjoy them. These are a few images I captured last year during the holiday season. I am eager to tour around this year to see if it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


  1. I remember that beautiful house in Wallace in the middle picture. That photo could be on the front of a Christmas card!!!! I wonder if the Silver Valley will have as much snow this Christmas as last year?

  2. We love looking at decorated houses....they just cheer you up and it is neat to see the creativity.

  3. theres an electrical engineer a few miles away that adds something special every year. I just love to drive by (he even set up a little radio station you can tune to to hear the music

  4. I love christmas fairy lights with a passion....

    Many around here light up their homes like crazy..... I do tend to keep mine more simple and just red and white LOL.... but I do have a santa that looks like its climbing in me bedroom window which the nippers love .....


  5. SVG... it was a beautiful house!
    Deby... welcome from the other blog...I do love decorated houses also.
    Pamela... there is a guy in Kellogg that does the same thing and it is always worth a drive out to his house to see what has been added.
    Marmite... I love simple lights. I'll bet your house looks beautiful this time of year.


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