Remember December: B is for Bows

" Anything that has real and lasting value is always a gift from within." Franz Kafka

Christmas bows define memorable holidays from my childhood. Curling ribbon seemed like something magic when I was very young. I loved watching my mother pull the curling ribbon with a pair of scissors, making it all pretty after she tied the ribbon around a package. I tried and tried to also curl the ribbon. I couldn't get it on the right side and I would do it over and over so it ended up in shreds.

Then came the colorful readymade bows with the sticky square on the back. I was amazed when bags of these would be hanging with the Christmas wrap and every color you could imagine was available. I think my mom has bows that have been recycled enough times that the bright colors have faded and the sticky stuff needs scotch tape to help it stay on a package. Even to this day she still shouts,"Don't forget to save the bows" on Christmas morning. Bows always seem to end up on dog heads, the backside of a bathrobe, or in somebody's coffee. I still do like those bows, mostly because of the nostalgic feeling that goes with them.

Then came the raffia phase. When bags first became popular and were more crafty type bags, raffia was tied to dress up the bag. I still love the simple look of raffia. I also like spools of ribbon to dress up packages. One thing is for sure. As much as I love the color, texture, and patterns of bows and ribbons I cannot tie a decent bow. At least I can curl ribbon now. Perhaps I should go back to the readymade ones and get some new ones with the sticky backs! When I Remember December I always have fond memories of bows. There is nothing like a beautifully wrapped gift with beautiful bows to give to someone at Christmas.


  1. Currently I am hoping the fascination I have with Costco ribbon will pass quietly. I am long curtain rods set up in the garage with bolts and bolts and bolts of Costco ribbon. Makes big, fluffy, nasty bows. sigh.

  2. Once I ran out of ribbon and I made bows with the wrapping paper. It was about as crafty as I get.

  3. I really enjoy wrapping presents.. and I like them to be unique.


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