Remember December: Z is for Zone: The Snow Zone

a view of the gazebo before JEJ shoveled the snow off the roof

As I end my alphabet posts tonight it is only fitting I write about snow. We measured two feet of the white stuff at our house today. We watched it snow most of the day, but thought we would take a little drive to see how it was outside our neighborhood. The county road had not been plowed at all. We meandered slowly toward the state highway just to see what shape that road was in. The five mile drive was beautiful, but very slow and snowy. Not too many people were traveling today. Here are some images of snow in my corner of the world on Christmas Day. Here is the county road just north of our house. The road sign is hard to see as we head back up Highway 20 toward home.This is at the bridge at Sherman Creek. The creek is hidden under the snow.Here is the snow across the road from our house that our friend plowed from our driveway.


  1. Wow. That's beautiful, but oppressive. Do you get this much snow normally around Christmas? I'd always seen Idaho as well-prepared.

  2. Oddly enough it looks the same here too.I have never been so glad to see bulldozers in my life.LOL.

  3. we may have gotten an inch during the night - but nothing that I could see falling on Christmas Day.

    But it sure is pretty and cold with what we already received.

    My bird friends are very hungry.

  4. I'm glad you can be inside your cozy house with wood fires warming you and have the luxury to look at this snow and not have to contend with it very much.

  5. now that's a snow !!!!sandy

  6. 2v: We don't usually get this much snow. We have only driven to town once since it all began!
    GF:Thanks... I had good subjects.
    To the rest of you... It still continues to snow. I am glad there is a beauty in the stillness of winter.


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