Photo Images of Snowbound 2008

We had a bit of a reprieve today as the wind stopped blowing and the snow let up. I kept taking pictures as we walked around our place, drove along the county road, and managed a trip "to town." There is not much else to do outside! While JEJ has been very busy removing snow from roofs, the trellis wasn't a top priority. It makes for a unique picture. At the Kettle Falls bridge Lake Roosevelt looked as gray and cold as the sky. A field along the highway shows deep snow and a house that was being built. That project may be put on hold.This is the snow pile in the parking lot at Safeway in Colville. Yes, the traffic lights are about the same height. At the Clock Square in Colville the group of statues look like they are wearing while ski masks. The rest of the square got buried under a pile of snow. The bird feeders are still wearing snow caps back at home.JEJ decided to do some finishing touches to the driveway after our friend came and plowed. More snow is predicted tomorrow. Somebody asked me if this is usual. This snow has broken all records in our area for snow in December. No, this much all at once is not normal.


  1. Gosh, it has been quite wintry, hasn't it? Lots of snow indeed! Here it just keeps piling up up up!
    Even as I write it keeps coming down...
    Keep safe and warm, my friend.
    All the best to you in the New Year!

  2. Those photos are almost unbelievable to a softy Southern England woman lol..... STAY SAFE AND WARM...

    Fanks for being a part of my wonderful blob world.... and for being the dear person you truely are..

    HAPPY NEW YEAR may it find you with peace, love, hope, laughter, friends, health and happieness....


  3. Rockymountaingirl... it keeps coming down here also. Happy New Year and I am working hard at keeping warm!
    Marmite...I am staying safe and warm as the snow falls again right now. Thanks for being an important part of my blog world also. Happy New Year!


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