Photo Hunt: Wide

Waking to below zero temperatures this morning made it easy to capture a wide variety of images of ice around our place. The hardest part was sticking a hand outside to snap the camera. Most are taken inside looking through icy windows. Brrrrrrr!
Here are icicles before the sun came up.
I am glad the wide icicle on the end broke off before it fell on my head!! You can see we acquired recycled windows for the greenhouse, but single pane window make the ice look beautiful. For other photo hunts using wide go here.


  1. I have never seen icicles like those before, aint they just beautiful....


  2. I like these. Here we have about 10 inches of snow now.

  3. Those are beautiful and I can understand about taking pictures out there. It's -38 C (-37 F) and I want so badly to take pics and I haven't had a chance... cold spell for the last 2 weeks... aaargh!
    Stay warm out there!

  4. Marmite... you should see the icicles now. They just keep getting bigger and longer.
    Yolanda... do you have icicles to go with all that snow?
    RMGirl... I can't believe it is so cold where you live. I will stop complaining!


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