Living in the World of Ansel Adams

About a week ago I uploaded Ansel Adam's Nature Photo of the Day on my Internet homepage. I don't know if my eyes needed a rest from the razzle dazzle bright colors of Christmas, but I kept gazing at the calm nature photographs and was drawn to the detail and beauty of his black and white subjects. My surroundings have looked like an Ansel Adam's photograph the last few days. The sky is gray. The best colors to capture are black and white. In a snowbound world the eye is drawn to simple details like caps formed by snow on birdhouses or a snowflake in a screen window.

I read more about Ansel Adams today and learned that he focused his photography on the west, particularly Yosemite National Park. He was also commissioned to photograph the National Parks and Indian reservations. I really love this photo taken in Glacier Bay, Alaska. The stunning picture is taken at Lake MacDonald at Glacier National Park, a place I have been.

The famous print of a rose and driftwood at the top captures the intricate detail of the bloom opening as it contrasts with the texture of the wood. If I can get out on the road tomorrow I will take my camera and spend time capturing simple subjects in black and white.


  1. I love Ansel Adams photography, there was a wonderful exhibition of his work in Edinburgh earlier this year. Also my parents have two of his Yosemite photos that they bought on our Californian holiday when I was about nine.

  2. I love his photography too. We actually have two prints of his hanging on our living room wall. One is Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, which has quite a dramatic creation story. I tried to post a link, but couldn't, so if you want to read the history of the image, you can find it on the Ansel Adams website.

  3. I see I have found two other fans. I never really took an interest before in his work becasue I didn't appreciate the beauty of black and white photos. I did see the Moonrise picture and I have ordered a calendar to appreciate more of his work.

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