Gathering Around the Table Reaches 800 Posts!

Top Ten Signs I have Reached Another Milestone On My Blog:

I can't remember if I posted a certain recipe and have to go to the archives.

I have to go back and count how many times I have actually posted a picture of Kit being cute because I don't want overkill.

Speaking of overkill I also have to make sure I haven't posted more of my favorite poems than other things. Yes, I like poetry... but enough is enough.

People at the wireless hot spot run out for Annie and Shelby's autographs when we pull in the parking lot.

I have learned to ask JEJ before I post a picture of him first thing in the morning making a fire at a campsite.

One of the things on my mental list before I retire for the evening is "do blog post."

When I have a conversation at breakfast with my husband and begin to share stories about Marmite, JBelle, La Tea Dah, RP, SVG, myrtle beach whale, go figure, or alex moore I forget that I have to connect the dots on who these people are.

I even carry my camera into the dentist... you never know when a teeth cleaning session might be an interesting blog post.

I think the state will soon make a clause to the law about talking on a cell phone while driving.... it will include snapping pictures on ten mile road trips. Perhaps I just need to let somebody else drive!

I have found a whole new circle a friends in the blog world that has enriched my life.

I have become a Huckster on Huckleberries Online!


  1. Congratulations on 800 posts. It's like reading a good book. Each post is a new chapter. I havent gone back and read them all but it is on my "bucket list". You keep on writin' I'll keep on readin'

  2. You Go Girl! Shooooow me whacha got!

  3. YOU GO GIRL! CONRATULATIONS!! And may there be 800 more! You inspire me! I look forward to each and every post.

  4. Bloody hell, 800 posts..... I cant imagine that many LOL........ I doubt I would have enough to say to fill 800 of them...

    Good on ya though :)..... I thought me ears burnt some afternoons when tis your mornings, and it was not just be toast :)


  5. Congratulations on 800 posts!!! I'm not sure I've read them all, but I've enjoyed many of them.

  6. Love the post! I can SO relate! LOL! But, I don't always *remember* to ask permission to post a picture of my DH. :) Congratulations on your 800th post --- and thank you for thinking of speaking of me at the breakfast table! Blogging friends are the coolest!!!!!


  7. ok. 800 posts. That's huge. How about a cameo on Notes From the 'Kan EWA?

  8. I'm so far behind you on posts, but I did a dentist story just this morning!!

  9. Impressive! And, somehow, as if by magic (when you mentioned my name in your post?), I could suddenly post comments on your blog again! woo hoo!

    It was awesome seeing you this weekend. We rock. Oh yes, we do!

  10. sallyacious7.12.08

    Congratulations! That's quite a milestone!


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