A Cure for Cabin Fever: A Morning in The Greenhouse

As another four inches of snow fell today I surrounded myself with memories of summer as I deadheaded, replanted, restored, and rejuvenated the plants in the greenhouse.
Bundling up in fleece I kept warm and content with a thermos cup of coffee , soft music playing in my ears, and the smell of dirt and scented geraniums enveloping me.
Considering the cold temperatures the plants have done fairly well. A few tender plants on the floor close to a window got some frost damage, but many have continued to bloom.

The cats love to visit me in the greenhouse and while working I kept finding them peeking out from behind plants and pots.It is hard to take in how much snow has fallen. This is the doorway of the greenhouse with Annie standing on top of the snow bank. Some of this has come off the roof, but this is deep snow.
Through the greenhouse window I observed JEJ heading off with a ladder to do more snow removal on the outbuildings as Annie runs ahead. We have about three feet of snow around out place.
I marveled at the icicles through the light of the window.

As I turned this pot back from the window I was pleasantly surprised at the lovely blossoms. This healthy scented geranium will provide great starts as we begin propagating in a few weeks.


  1. what a huge amount of snow! Lovely that you can hide in the greenhouse. The photos of the cats amongst the plants are so cute...

  2. I had what I thought was an icicle once on the end of me nose....... it turned out just to be a bog standard winter cold 'dew drop' as we call them LOL...

    The icicle photo is stunning....


  3. I love that you are nurturing inside while outside the coldness lingers so that flowers in a state of down time- will rise again i the spring..sandy

  4. Lovely greenhouse. I've wanted one for ages, but there's not really a place for it here. But to be able to wander into a room of fresh, green, growing things in the winter, that would be heaven.

    Also, Cougar Gold cheese tins! It's one of the ways I know you're a local.

  5. I love your pictures. You have such a great eye for the everyday and I agree that the cats are adorable. It must be nice to have the haven of the greenhouse when everything outside in deep and cold.

  6. hey! Can I bring my air mattress and camp out in the greenhouse this weekend?

  7. It's been a long time since I've been able to visit and I'll be coming back soon to catch up on all that I've missed. I just wanted to say hello. What a contrast your photos present. Such colorful flowers and then the cold of all that snow. I particulary liked the new photo at the top of your blog. It's beautiful country. I hope you're having a great holiday season.

  8. The blooms, scent of geraniums and dirt, kitties playing peek-a-boo in the plants, soft music and coffee sounds like a wonderful way to beat cabin fever.
    You've sure had more than your share of snow!! Ours is back today along with cold winds after the warm-up and thaw.
    I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Wishing you joy and many blessings for the New Year.
    I enjoyed all your Christmasy posts!

  9. Crafty... I had so much fun finding the cats then trying to get photos!
    Marmite... perhaps I should try to capture a photo of a "dew drop". Happy New Year!
    ibeati... I agree. It was a perfect time to spend among the plants!
    sally...we added our greenhouse at the end of our garage and it has been a joy! I am ready to head out there again now and just breathe in the smells! Yes.. I did find a good use for the Cougar Gold tins.
    2v... thanks.... I do try to catch those everyday images.
    jbelle... be sure to dress warm... it is supposed to get cold!
    fireflynights... welcome back. I was at the right place at the right time for the banner photo.
    Kerri... yes... we have had our share of snow and it is snowing again as I write this. Happy New Year.


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