Counting My Blessings #8: Eclectic Music Taste

Today was the day I sequestered myself in a room with good coffee, comfortable clothes, my favorite pens, and an eclectic mix of music that helped me through a day of reading essays, scoring tests, and figuring grades for the quarter. With gentle rain falling outside and a quiet house, I mixed up the music all day. It ended up being more of a favorite hits day.

The first part of the day moved quickly with the sounds of "American Pie", "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and "Leave a Tender Moment Alone." Later as I moved into test scoring I kept energized with "Band on the Run", " Last Dance", and "Walking on Sunshine." When I needed to concentrate more on content, organization, style in essays the perfect mix was "Betcha By Golly Wow","Claire De Lune", "Ebb Tide", and Art Garfunkle singing "Crying in the Rain."

I am blessed to have assess to music I love and can find songs to match every situation and mood during a day like today. The songs that stood out today and were played more than others are here for you to enjoy as I move back to score one last group of essays.
There is nothing like the Spinners on Soul Train to get you energized!

My goodness... these two look so young here... have we all changed like Phil and Philip?

I heard this song recently and had forgotten the song and also that the group Raydio included Ray Parker Jr. Now I am on a Raydio kick which brings back the memories! My other favorite this week is "Jack and Jill".

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  1. Ah... awesome tunes! All of them I love very much as well and could easily find myself groovin' to as well!!! =D
    Have a good Sunday!
    Mountain Retreat- Canada


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