Counting My Blessings # 7: My Students

I love to teach school. I have always had the belief that if you don't love teaching, you should find another vocation. Students have a sixth sense about whether their teacher wants to spend an hour or more a day enriching their minds. You can't fool a middle school student. If a teacher doesn't like them they have radar that can pick it up two doors down the hall.
I am thankful for my students because they make me think, laugh, research, and question every day. Today I was asked the top five players on a certain NBA team, to define accomplishments, and to explain why certain words are spelled the way they are when the word doesn't follow any rule. I had the privilege of standing with my students to sing"God Bless America" and get misty-eyed at a Veteran's Day assembly, help fix a hurt finger, and get a list of new songs I must add to my mp3 player. This week I explained why my mom is my hero because of surviving breast cancer and put a smile on a student's face when I told him he did the best in the class on his essay on heroes.
Now where I ask you can you find such a variety of tasks each day in any other job? I am truly blessed and thankful I have a vocation I love.


  1. Oh, you are so right! And so blessed! Me, too =)

  2. That's why I love teaching as well, though I don't usually fix hurt fingers. But I get to watch faces light up when they figure out the answer to a difficult question, and I get to watch them turn into adults over the course of a year and I get to laugh with them and prod them and encourage them and love them. It's really one of the greatest jobs in the world.

    It's also one of the toughest, so why anyone would do it who doesn't like to is something I just can't figure out.

  3. Oh how I would of loved to be a teacher...... I know I am a memory maker to many, so that will have to suffice :)



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