Counting My Blessings # 29: Talk and Coffee With a Little Shopping In Between

The Princess enjoying a laugh with her grandmother at Talk and Coffee in Colville.

The women of my clan stayed home and did some online shopping on Black Friday. Mostly it was a relaxing day of peace and quiet. Today we ventured out for a road trip to Colville that involved a bit of shopping and a trip to Talk and Coffee for a treat from Mom.
My niece Z2 decided to stay home to rest. As the rest of the group was leaving my house led by Kiki Aru I said they looked like a Conga line.
The Princess walked in rhythm with Mom/ Grandma and her mother Silver Valley Girl.
After a little shopping at the wonderful Hallmark Store in Colville we went next door to Talk and Coffee. The owner earnestly tried to fill our orders, but a big night Friday with the tree lighting celebration depleted his choices. Eventually we all found something yummy to order.
It was a treat to sit in the sunshine visiting and laughing with my mom, sister, and two of my nieces. After this rest stop we moved on to some other stores to pick up a few items before heading home. It never fails. Whenever all of us get together funny things always happen. It may be something funny mom says or pausing to watch my two nieces stalking their grandmother in Wal Mart. I was waiting at one store for my order and could hear their laughter above the background noise of the store. It was music to my ears. What a lovely way to spend a day during the holiday.


  1. There's nothing like a girl's day out :) Love your pictures.
    I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.
    I've enjoyed all your blessings. Thanks for sharing them.
    We certainly have much to be thankful for, don't we? :)

  2. we came home to fog. Lucky you!!! Sunshine!

  3. Perfect. Why Black Friday may not be so Black after all....

  4. So glad to see you had such a wonderful holiday.

  5. I know exactly what you mean! I love spending time with my two nieces & my mom too!
    It looks like it was a great day.

  6. Kerri: We do have much to be thankful for.
    Pamela: I remember that fog down close to the Columbia and Snake. The sunshine was a good gift.
    JBelle: It was a perfect day.
    Yolanda: Welcome back. We did have a wonderful time.
    Lily: Welcome to my blog. It sounds like we share something in common.

  7. Your pictures all the way to top - so inviting..


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