Counting My Blessings # 25: Home

"Home is the one place in all this world where hearts are sure of each other. It is the place of confidence. It is the place where we tear off that mask of guarded and suspicious coldness which the world forces us to wear in self-defense, and where we pour out the unreserved communications of full and confiding hearts. It is the spot where expressions of tenderness gush out without any sensation of awkwardness and without any dread of ridicule." ~Frederick W. Robertson

I am thankful for my home. It is a modest home that holds two adults, two dogs, and five cats. Home is the place I can come at the end of the day to sit and appreciate quiet. The warmth of a fire can soothe my nerves after a stressful day. As conversations begin with JEJ that mask I often wear slips off and I can just be. When the days are longer and the early evenings are still warm, I love to sit in the garden and watch the dogs and cats move through the routines they cling to each day. I also love to catch a view of the morning sky as it reflects over Lake Roosevelt. I live in a home that is surrounded by quiet. I am also surrounded by warmth, unconditional love, and comfort. When I count my blessings I feel fortunate to live where I do. There are days I yearn for a call that says school is cancelled!

I always look forward to the moment when we arrive home after a trip away.
In my home hearts are sure of each other. I am blessed!


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  2. Great post and I hope you have a very happy thanksgiving.

  3. Your thankful attitude and words are so fresh and inspiring. Happy early Thanksgiving!

  4. and what a warm and contented place it is ..sandy


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