Counting My Blessings #20: The Writing Life

I write each and every day. Being a writing teacher gives me practice on a day to day basis . I also do blog posts and also work on some other form of writing when it works into the day. I am thankful that I can carve out time each day to write. Writing helps me sort things out that are troubling me. It gives me a place to capture favorite words and lines. It also gives me an avenue for exploring my creativity and taking some risks in a safe environment. I just purchased the poster above to hang up in my classroom. I am thinking I should have gotten a copy to hang by my writing table at home also. The slogan we emphasize in the Northwest Inland Writing Project is one I try to emulate. " Writing may be the most important thing you do. Do it well."


  1. Excellent post --- great list of 'rules'. I started blogging so I could practice writing. Some days I feel good about what I write; other days it's the bomb! But practice makes perfect, so I keep on trying. . .

    Enjoy a great week-end! We have sunshine. Do you?


  2. I love your rules for writing! I try to write every day as well - usually on Huckleberries and I really should write more on Community Comment - I am, after all, co-hosting it. I try to write to my blog too - again, sometimes it's good and sometimes it's dreadful. Try try try again. :)

  3. Thanks La Tea Dah... you are right, practice does make perfect. We do have sunshine, but it is getting cold!
    Jeanie... I need to get over to the Community Comment more often. We all try, try again and practice makes perfect! Thanks for stopping by.


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