Counting My Blessings #2: Neighbors

I am thankful for my neighbors. I live in a housing community surrounded by a wonderful group of people. Our community was a tree farm then bought and divided into 49 lots on both sides of the county road. We each have enough space between us to have privacy, yet it feels safe to know people are there when you need them. If there is a power outage (which happens quite often!) neighbors check on neighbors. One helped another recently with a wood stove installation while some can fix a satellite dish. Others bring cookies to the door and some host "Home Alone" holiday parties for the neighbors that are spending the holiday alone. Many of my neighbors attend our community church so we worship and pray together also.

Some robberies occurred a few years ago so a Neighborhood Watch program was initiated in our community. It has helped to have people keeping a better eye on the area. I know that if I was in danger, needed help, or just wanted company that my community around me would come running. For that I am thankful.
GH and RM at G's recent birthday celebration at our house.

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  1. What a great picture! It makes me smile!


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